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Why choose 1 to 1?

Being one of the longest established and most successful Driving Schools in the Luton and Dunstable area, 1 to 1 School of Motoring has plenty of expertise to offer you.

The problem with most national driving schools, for example BSM and Red, and even medium size ones like Warden Hill and Ex-L, is that their primary focus is on training people to become instructors. There are three disadvantages in taking driving lessons with such a school:

  1. There is a high chance your 'instructor' will only be a Trainee, yet to take the most important qualifying exam.
  2. You may well get several different instructors, as the trainees usually leave shortly after qualifying.
  3. They often charge extra, to cover things like town centre offices, TV and press advertising, franchise costs and shareholders' dividends.

At 1 to 1 School of Motoring we operate as two independent instructors, dedicated to making you a safe driver.

We offer correctly structured training, tailored to your needs, and supplement this with our unique Study Modules.

We help with Theory Test preparation, and explain about Hazard Perception as you are learning to drive. As you progress, we will offer to give you a Mock Practical Test, using our own Test Marking form.

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